What is SEO and Why do I need it?

The Technical Art of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There are many factors and variables in today's world that allow a site to get ranked and indexed in the major search engines. If you have an ecommerce website or have an online business card website then we're sure that you know how important it is to have your website found by your potential or existing clients through organic searches in the major search engines. Search Engine Optimization is the technical art of optimizing your website so that it can be found and indexed in the search engines.

SEO is an art and not a science. A website can rank very well in organic search engine listings one day, and get buried the next. You may have seen your rankings increase and either hired someone to help you improve or tried yourself to increase your position by adding or subtracting sensitive code or content, only to find that it has done more harm than good.

At Seattle Web Creations, we understand the fundemental design practices that establish long lasting web presences by employing White Hat SEO techniques. Black Hat SEO techniques may or may not provide very temporary search engine ranking increases, but in the end your website will be penalized and may even get banned from the search engines for employing Black Hat and/or 'spammy' tactics (don't believe me? Read the following: BMW Banned from Google).

The bottom line: we build your website with the search engines in mind so that your website will rank organically with its natural content.

We encourage all of our clients that have existing websites or whom are planning a new online site to take an active part in their web presence. This includes important things such as developing reciporical linking campaigns (Read 20 minutes a day to a higher page rank tomorrow).

Choose from one of our Search Engine Optimization Service Packages for the full list of standard services that are included with each plan.

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